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Last Day, First Loss 23.03.2012
First Pyometra Case 21.03.2012
Etti ‘The Alpha’ Goes Home: Let the Operations Commence 18.03.2012
Leg Amputation 17.03.2012
Chained Leopard Cat Used as Tourist Trap at The River Kwae 16.03.2012
Many Thanks to Maxi Medical 15.03.2012
Missing uteruses 13.03.2012
Two Days, Ten Sterilizations 12.03.2012
5 Litres of Water From His Belly 09.03.2012
Rabies Vaccination and Dog Catching 07.03.2012
Start of Sterilizations and Puppy Patient to Human Hospital 06.03.2012
The Doggies Get Some Exercise 05.03.2012
New Arrivals... Of The Two Leg Kind 03.03.2012
Where's Hernie? 01.03.2012
Mon Fire: The Show Must Go On 29.02.2012
Etti Operation, Round 2, and Mon Fire 28.02.2012
'Breaking and Entering' and Visting the Government Offices 27.02.2012
Knives Over Breakfast 26.02.2012
Off to the Vets We Go... 21.02.2012
The StreetBitch Code of Diplomacy 19.02.2012
Looking After The Patients... 18.02.2012
'Etti', slashed with a machete 17.02.2012
Would you be my Valentine? 14.02.2012
Lights at the End of the Tunnel 11.02.2012
Floods of Dogs 06.02.2012